What is SoFresh?

Tired of refreshing your browser when editing CSS files? SoFresh is a bookmarklet shamelessly copied based on the excellent CSSrefresh. It allows you to select which files you want to refresh (or not). They are resfreshed everytime you save them, so that you don’t need to refresh your browser.

Launch our cool bookmarklet and start editing your CSS code to see the changes live. Your F5 key will be happy.

Tested and used everyday on Firefox and Chrome.

Note that it works only with files served through HTTP (you will need an HTTP server) because it uses the files modification time HTTP header.


Get the bookmarklet

Just drag and drop it onto your bookmarks bar. That’s all.
If you need to update it, just replace your existing bookmark with this one and clear your browser cache (+ SoFresh! cookies too if it still doesn’t work).


This section is meant to change as often as possible to reflect the common questions we gather from SoFresh users.

How do we « install » or use it?

The installation process is VERY simple: drag and drop the bookmarklet onto your browser’s bookmarks bar.
Then to use it, open your local website in your browser and your CSS file(s) in your favorite text editor and start editing. As soon as you save the file, it is also refreshed in your browser, so if you watch your website, you can see the changes applied immediately, without refreshing your browser.

Why doesn’t it work with @import rules?

Since we care about web development best practices, we don’t use @import rules in our projects anymore. This syntax doesn’t allow parallel loading of a webpage assets, so it slows the pages load time.
Even if we do not use it anymore, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take this into account, so if there are lots of demands about that, we may take care of this in a future release.

Are SASS, SCSS or LESS supported?

The answer is yes for LESS! Unfortunately, we don’t provide support for any other preprocessors yet, but we may take a look at it for a future release. Stay in touch!

Can I participate?

Of course you can. Feel free to fork SoFresh on Github: